Monday, November 26, 2012

Deer Leg

Today as I was driving my kids to school, in the road and a bit to the right, was the front leg of a deer.  Yes.  Just one leg.  Blech.  My "country" kids that they are found this very amusing rather than gross.  I'm not one who pales at the sight of blood - I love watching surgery (yes I have) - but for some reason this really grossed me out.  (Some use of "vernacular" huh?)  Although I couldn't smell it, I could smell it!  Ack.  So, being the good citizen I am, I called 911.  The road was busy (as busy as a small town can be) at one of the busiest times of the day - getting the kids to school.  And several cars (not all... well maybe half) were swerving to avoid it.  I don't know who answers the 911 here, but it sure sounded like a police officer.  I told him about the deer leg and cars swerving.  He said, "Where is it?"  I told him the name of the road - a county road that goes through town - and then where on that road.  He said "Oh!  You mean IN TOWN?!"  Yup.  I said, "It's about two blocks east of the hardware store."  He said, "Is it in front of the baseball diamond?"  "No, it's about two blocks before that on the right if you're heading east." I said.  He said, "Oh yeah, that's by ______'s house!  We'll send a car to get it."

Only in a small country town - where we know where everyone lives, and we actually put dead deer parts in a car (personally, I'd use a truck but that's just me), and I probably work with someone related to both the cop I talked to and whoever left that deer leg on the side or the road!

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